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This is the details of "KES-200 Handheld Engine Analyzer" Product Details

KES-200 Handheld Engine Analyzer

Category : Auto Testing Series
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General Information
KES-200 is a tool specially designed for engine test and analysis with the following functions: 4channel oscilloscope, multimeter, ignition waveform test, starting system analysis, charging system analysis, cylinder analysis, PC link, print and Internet update, etc.
4channel oscilloscope function can be used to test the output waveform of automobile sensors. KES-200 has a built-in dynamic memory for saving 50 waveforms, including rich information of standard waveform of vehicle sensors and repairs.
You can make a comparison between a waveform being tested and a standard waveform and analyze sensor troubles. In addition, the test method and troubleshooting help information have been given for x types of commonly used sensors.
The oscilloscope has a complete display control mode capable of displaying 4 tested waveforms at the same time.
Multimeter function is used mainly for measuring voltage, current, resistance, output frequency, duty cycle, battery voltage, tachometer, and intake manifold vacuum.
Ignition waveform test function can be used to test the primary and secondary waveforms of gasoline engine and display them in single cylinder waveform, parade waveform, raster waveform or bar graph. It can be used to test ignition systems with or without distributor, and obtain ignition peak voltage, spark voltage and spark duration (with distributor). The system gives standard and faulty primary and secondary waveforms to help the user to analyze automotive engine troubles.
Starting system analysis function is mainly used to test the starting voltage and current of engine system. Starting voltage test is to test the storage voltage of the battery while starting, it can display the initial and end voltage value at same time; the current waveform and its maximal and minimal value can be displayed while perform starting current test.
Charging system test function is mainly used to test the AC charging voltage of the alternator. It can also test the charging current and engine speed.
Cylinder analysis function includes power balance test, cylinder efficiency test, and relative cylinder compression pressure test. Power balance test is applicable to distributor engines with less than 6 cylinders. This function is used to analyze the uniformity of each cylinder. Both auto and manual test modes are provided. Cylinder efficiency test is to judge the power performance of each cylinder by testing the primary ignition interval of two cylinders adjacent with each other. Relative cylinder compression pressure test is applicable to engines with less than 6 cylinders. This function is used to analyze the uniformity of compression pressure of each cylinder.
PC link function can transmit the stored waveform from KES-200 to PC for further analysis, processing, print. This function can also used to perform software update.
KES-200 is also equipped with printer interface, which supports common printers with PCL language. The printed result may be used to perform further analysis and reserve.
KES-200 is easy to operate, for it provides help information to guide the user how to operate.

Product Name : KES-200 Handheld Engine Analyzer
Relation Link : http://www.cnreliable.com/Auto-Testing-Series/Auto-Testing-Series-00357A.html

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    KES-200 Handheld Engine Analyzer


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